Easy Money Picks – NFL Week 3

Already Week 3 of the NFL season.  Its going by a little too quickly if you ask me.  Took a small step back last week in my picks, but still got more right than wrong, and thats what its all about right.  Its not how you play the game, it whether you win or lose, why else would they keep score.

Week 3 Picks:

Kansas City @ Philadelphia – Image

Detroit @ Washington – Image

Houston @ Baltimore – Image

New York Giants @ Carolina – Image

Green Bay @ Cincinnati – Image

St Louis @ Dallas – Image

Cleveland @ Minnesota – Image

Tampa Bay @ New England – Image

Arizona @ New Orleans – Image

San Diego @ Tennessee – Image

Atlanta @ Miami – Image

Buffalo @ New York Jets – Image

Indianapolis @ San Francisco – Image

Jacksonville @ Seattle – Image

Chicago @ Pittsburgh – Image

Oakland @ Denver – Image



A handful of what should be really good games this week.  Think Miami and Kansas City could both pull upsets, if they do perhaps Ill be ready to jump on their bandwagons in future picks. 

I know the saying is “Any Given Sunday”, and honestly most weeks thats true, but sadly if you are a Jags fan there is nothing to look forward to this Sunday.  Im not even sure they cover the ridiculous spread.  More realistically, they may not win a single game this year.


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