Easy Money Picks – NFL Week 4

Every great athlete is bound to have an off night every now and then, well that was mine with last weeks picks.  And just like the great ones Ive already forgotten about it and ready to move on.

Week 4 Picks:

San Francisco @ St Louis – Image

Baltimore @ Buffalo – Image

Cincinnati @ Cleveland – Image

Chicago @ Detroit – Image

Seattle @ Houston – Image

Indianapolis @ Jacksonville – Image

New York Giants @ Kansas City – Image

Pittsburgh @ Minnesota – Image

Arizona @ Tampa Bay – Image

New York Jets @ Tennessee – Image

Philadelphia @ Denver – Image

Dallas @ San Diego – Image

Washington @ Oakland – Image

New England @ Atlanta – Image

Miami @ New Orleans – Image


As I mentioned last week, not surprised at all that Miami and KC won.  And Ill jump on the KC bandwagon this week, but just dont think the Fins have enough to go into New Orleans Monday night and pull it off.

The parity in this league showed itself last weekend and that my friends is the beauty of the NFL.  Unless of course you are a Jags fan, sticking to my guns from last week in that they may lose every game this year.  Makes for easy pickings in a survivor pool though, just take whoever has the Jags each week.


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