Easy Money Picks – NFL Week 5

And just like that back to the winning ways.  Maybe 9-6 on the week isnt great, but more wins than losses is the name of the game.  And you can bet your bottom dollar that after the Browns knocked me out of my survivor pool last week I am riding high on them this week.  Which undoubtedly means they will get murdered by the Bills.  Here we go…

Week 5 Picks:

Buffalo @ Cleveland – Image

Baltimore @ Miami – Image

New Orleans @ Chicago – Image

New England @ Cincinnati – Image

Detroit @ Green Bay – Image

Seattle @ Indianapolis – Image

Philadelphia @ New York Giants – Image

Kansas City @ Tennessee – Image

Jacksonville @ St Louis – Image

Carolina @ Arizona – Image

Denver @ Dallas – Image

Houston @ San Francisco – Image

San Diego @ Oakland – Image

New York Jets @ Atlanta – Image


Ive been ragging on the Jags basically every week, and deservedly so, but this week might legit be their best chance at a W this year.  Rams havent been the team that everyone thought they would be, Sam Bradford’s leash is getting shorter by the week.  Might as well take advantage and get a W on the board before you head to Denver next week and lose by 100.  Still NO CHANCE Im picking them, but Go Jags, you dont want to make that kind of history bro.


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