Easy Money Picks – NFL Week 8

I know, I know Ive been slacking a bit on the blog.  Sometimes the life of a cube monkey gets in the way.  But I wouldnt let a week go by without bringing you easy money.  Will try and get back to more regular posting, but until then heres something you know you can count on, Week 8 winners.

Week 8 Picks:

Carolina @ Tampa Bay – Image

Dallas @ Detroit – Image

San Francisco @ Jacksonville – Image

Cleveland @ Kansas City – Image

Miami @ New England – Image

Buffalo @ New Orleans – Image

New York Giants @ Philadelphia – Image

New York Jets @ Cincinnati – Image

Pittsburgh @ Oakland – Image

Atlanta @ Arizona – Image

Washington @ Denver – Image

Green Bay @ Minnesota – Image

Seattle @ St Louis – Image


I mentioned last week that there probably wasnt a worse way to end a football week than having to watch 2 teams who had combined for 1 win.  They did not disappoint in one of the ugliest games in recent memory.  But at least it was close for most of the game, I dont think the Rams will have such luck this Monday.  And since I basically called that the Giants would get their first win of the season, I am going to go a step further and say they get their second in a row this week.


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