Easy Money Picks – NFL Week 9

Happy Halloween everyone.  You know whats really scary?  How crazy good Ive been at these picks lately.  Only thing more frightening is how bad these teams in Florida have been, and I dont think that changes this week, but Jags fans can take some solace in the fact that they are guaranteed not to lose this week.

Week 9 Picks:

Cincinnati @ Miami – Image

Kansas City @ Buffalo – Image

Atlanta @ Carolina – Image

Minnesota @ Dallas – Image

New Orleans @ New York Jets – Image

Tennessee @ St Louis – Image

San Diego @ Washington – Image

Philadelphia @ Oakland – Image

Tampa Bay @ Seattle – Image

Baltimore @ Cleveland – Image

Pittsburgh @ New England – Image

Indianapolis @ Houston – Image

Chicago @ Green Bay – Image


The halfway point of the season and the best team in the league is…..the Kansas City Chiefs.  Just another wacky year in the NFL.  The champs probably wont make the playoffs, the previous years worst team is the only undefeated team remaining.  No clear cut great team in the league, even at 8-0 the Chiefs are flawed, should make for some interesting playoffs.


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