Easy Money Picks – NFL Week 11

I called out the entire state of Florida for their crappy play as a whole thus far in the season.  And did they ever answer the bell to prove me wrong.  Ok not really, the Jags beat an up and down Titans team that lost their QB for the season, and the Bucs beat the train wreck that is the Dolphins.  But no matter, a win is a win, and those two teams no longer have a goose egg in the W column.  The 2008 Lions applaud you.

Week 11 picks:

Indianapolis @ Tennessee – Image

New York Jets @ Buffalo – Image

Baltimore @ Chicago – Image

Cleveland @ Cincinnati – Image

Oakland @ Houston – Image

Arizona @ Jacksonville – Image

Washington @ Philadelphia – Image

Detroit @ Pittsburgh – Image

Atlanta @ Tampa Bay – Image

San Diego @ Miami – Image

San Francisco @ New Orleans – Image

Minnesota @ Seattle – Image

Green Bay @ New York Giants – Image

Kansas City @ Denver – Image

New England @ Carolina – Image


Last week was a push in terms of picks. If it doesnt count as a loss, Ill take it.  Still way up on the year so suck it.  Speaking of sucking, how bad are the Falcons this year?  13-3 and a couple plays away from the Super Bowl last year, and honestly could flip that and go 3-13 this year. No bueno.


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