Easy Money Picks – NFL Week 12

Are the Giants in the midst of another magical run where they will finish 9-7 win the division to sneak into the playoffs and go on to win the Super Bowl after starting 0-6?  No.  But I do have them winning again this week, which would shockingly only put them a game back in the division.  Thats the kind of year its been.

Week 12 picks:

New Orleans @ Atlanta – Image

New York Jets @ Baltimore – Image

Pittsburgh @ Cleveland – Image

Tampa Bay @ Detroit – Image

Minnesota @ Green Bay – Image

Jacksonville @ Houston – Image

San Diego @ Kansas City – Image

Carolina @ Miami – Image

Chicago @ St Louis – Image

Indianapolis @ Arizona – Image

Tennessee @ Oakland – Image

Dallas @ New York Giants – Image

Denver @ New England – Image

San Francisco @ Washington – Image

YEAR TO DATE: 100-62

Lots of so-so games on the ticket this weekend.  Everyone is just looking forward to the Manning vs Brady showdown, which will no doubt be beaten to death by Sunday night, but yet still the most likely potential AFC Championship matchup at this point.


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