Easy Money Picks – NFL Week 13

Wanted to make sure I got this weeks picks in before I, like most of you, take off for the long weekend.  Rough week for yours truly, only my second losing week of the season, but still hurts.  Here comes the bounce back and then I eat wayyyy too much turkey tomorrow and for the rest of the weekend.

Week 13 picks:

Green Bay @ Detroit – Image

Oakland @ Dallas – Image

Pittsburgh @ Baltimore – Image

Tampa Bay @ Carolina – Image

Jacksonville @ Cleveland – Image

Tennessee @ Indianapolis – Image

Chicago @ Minnesota – Image

Miami @ New York Jets – Image

Arizona @ Philadelphia – Image

New England @ Houston – Image

Atlanta @ Buffalo – Image

St Louis @ San Francisco – Image

Denver @ Kansas City – Image

Cincinnati @ San Diego – Image

New York Giants @ Washington – Image

New Orleans @ Seattle – Image

YEAR TO DATE: 105-70-1

And there it is folks, took 13 weeks into the season, but I actually picked the Jags to get a win this week.  Oh and no thats not a typo on the year to date totals, that last number is for the tie courtesy of the Packers vs Vikings game last week.  Yes thats right, the most popular sport in our country, by far, is still the only major sport in which you can end the game in a tie.  Of all the rules changes in recent years how has this never been fixed.  Im looking at you Roger Goodell.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


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