Easy Money Picks – NFL Week 14

Im not sure which is more sad, the fact that theres only a few weeks left in the season….or this dreadful match up tonight.  A real race to the top draft pick we got on our hands tonight, and we get to finish it off on Monday night with a couple of teams hovering around .500.  That said I know Ill still be watching them all.  Here we go:

Week 14 picks:

Houston @ Jacksonville – Image

Minnesota @ Baltimore – Image

Indianapolis @ Cincinnati – Image

Cleveland @ New England – Image

Oakland @ New York Jets – Image

Detroit @ Philadelphia – Image

Miami @ Pittsburgh – Image

Buffalo @ Tampa Bay – Image

Kansas City @ Washington – Image

Atlanta @ Green Bay – Image

Tennessee @ Denver – Image

St Louis @ Arizona – Image

New York Giants @ San Diego – Image

Seattle @ San Francisco – Image

Carolina @ New Orleans – Image

Dallas @ Chicago – Image

YEAR TO DATE: 115-76-1

Last week I picked the Jags to win for the first time all season, gonna ride the hot hand and pick them tonight as well.  Houston being an absolute dumpster fire makes that a little easier. Enjoy the games, while you still can.


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