Easy Money Picks – NFL Week 16

No Thursday night game this week, which If Im being honest Im not that broken up about.  Yes I love football as much as the next red-blooded American, but lets be honest most of the Thursday night stunk it up.  Guys are banged up and not rested on the short weeks and it shows.  I may be in the minority here, but I dont think Id hate it if they just went back to Sunday and Monday games.  I digress…

Week 16 picks:

Miami @ Buffalo – Image

New Orleans @ Carolina – Image

Minnesota @ Cincinnati – Image

Denver @ Houston – Image

Tennessee @ Jacksonville – Image

Indianapolis @ Kansas City – Image

Cleveland @ New York Jets – Image

Tampa Bay @ St Louis – Image

Dallas @ Washington – Image

New York Giants @ Detroit – Image

Arizona @ Seattle – Image

Pittsburgh @ Green Bay – Image

Oakland @ San Diego – Image

New England @ Baltimore – Image

Chicago @ Philadelphia – Image

Atlanta @ San Francisco – Image

YEAR TO DATE: 135-88-1

Good thing about this year is that outside of a couple of really good teams, there are a bunch of average teams.  Now that doesnt sound great, but what it means is we should get solid football through the end of the season since only 4 of the playoff spots have been clinched thus far.  Meaningful games in the last couple weeks over teams being able to rest and watching backups or worse play it out, ill take it.


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