Easy Money Picks – NFL Week 17

Well this is it, the final regular season week of NFL play.  Seems like only yesterday everyone was pumped getting ready for week 1.  Lets do this one more time.

Week 17 picks:

Carolina @ Atlanta – Image

Baltimore @ Cincinnati – Image

Jacksonville @ Indianapolis – Image

New York Jets @ Miami – Image

Detroit @ Minnesota – Image

Washington @ New York Giants – Image

Cleveland @ Pittsburgh – Image

Houston @ Tennessee – Image

Green Bay @ Chicago – Image

Buffalo @ New England – Image

Tampa Bay @ New Orleans – Image

San Francisco @ Arizona – Image

Denver @ Oakland – Image

Kansas City @ San Diego – Image

St Louis @ Seattle – Image

Philadelphia @ Dallas – Image

YEAR TO DATE: 142-97-1

Week 17 can be tough to call at times, guys resting with playoff spots already clinched, etc.  This year should provide some quality games all day in week 17 as most of the teams still have something to play for.  But take it all in, you never know what you got until its gone, and after this week it wont be long until we are begging for kickoff weekend of the 2014 season.


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