10th Anniversary Of The Death Of Pat Tillman




I know I know, I havent been on in a while and thats my fault.  But had to get on today to pay respects on the 10th anniversary of Pat Tillman’s death.

Often times in sports the words going to war are used to explain playing a game, and the term hero gets thrown around far to often to those that make spectacular plays on the field, but only a select few actually live up to that.  Pat Tillman was one of those few.  Leave millions of dollars and an NFL career on the table to join the armed forces after the attacks of 9/11 for no other reason than it was the right thing to do.

Pat is a true hero who paid the ultimate price, and to him and all others who serve, I am forever grateful.

Learn more about Pat Tillman and his foundation which has done wonderful things since the time of his passing, here: pattillmanfoundation.org


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