Lebron is going going, back back, to Cleveland Cleveland!

I know I have left you guys alone for a while, and for that I apologize. But I’m back! Had to come back for the Decision 2.0.

As Sports Illustrated reported here Lebron has decided to return home and play for the Cleveland Cavaliers!  To anyone that has been following this story, which is basically everyone unless you’ve been under a rock, this probably isn’t much of a shock.  A little surprising?  Maybe.  But it was always between Miami or Cleveland, anything else was just stories.

Personally I think Lebron handled this as well as he could have.  No lavish press conference or media special to announce, just a quiet letter saying that he wants to go home.  Anyone that is truly upset by that should take a look in the mirror.

I have no problem with him returning the the Cavs, because now he can truly become a legend.  He could have won four straight titles in Miami and it wont mean anywhere near as much as bringing home one championship to the city of Cleveland.

As someone who lives in South Florida and has had the pleasure of watching Lebron these last four year I just say thanks, it was a hell of a ride.






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