Easy Money Picks – NFL Week 1

FINALLY!  The waiting in the offseason of football seems to get longer and longer every year.  But the time has come, week 1 officially begins tonight and with it come the Easy Money Picks.  Decided to change this segment up a little bit this and add my picks not only for straight up, but also against the spread.  Lets get to it.

Week 1 Picks:                    STRAIGHT UP              AGAINST SPREAD

GB @ SEA (-6)                    SEA                              GB

NO @ ATL (+3)                    NO                              NO 

CIN @ BAL (-1.5)                CIN                              CIN

BUF @ CHI (-7)                   CHI                              CHI

WAS @ HOU (-3)                 WAS                              WAS

TEN @ KC (-3)                     KC                              KC

NE @ MIA (+5)                     NE                              NE

OAK @ NYJ (-5.5)                NYJ                              OAK

JAC @ PHI (-10.5)                PHI                              PHI

CLE @ PIT (-6.5)                   PIT                              CLE

MIN @ STL (-3.5)                  MIN                              MIN

SF @DAL (+4.5)                    SF                              DAL

CAR @ TB (-2.5)                   TB                              TB

IND @ DEN (-7.5)                  DEN                              DEN

NYG @ DET (-5.5)                 DET                              DET

SD @ ARI (-3)                        ARI                              SD

LAST WEEK:                            0 – 0                                            0 – 0

YEAR TO DATE                       0 – 0                                            0 – 0

And there you have it, Easy Money Picks for Week 1 of the NFL.  Some solid games on the board, some not so solid, but who cares right, because football is back and you will watch them all anyway.



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