Jameis Winston Suspended For 1st Half Vs Clemson For Cursing

Yesterday Florida State announced that they were going to suspend Jameis Winston for the 1st half of the game versus Clemson on Saturday for yelling an “offensive and vulgar” phrase in the student union.

I for one think this is total BS, and the outrage from people about this is total BS.  Im not defending him here, but he is a 20 year old kid that was joking around with his friends at college and yelled some curse words, which by the way are from a popular internet meme, and not something he is just randomly yelling.  Is he the sharpest tool in the shed? No, definitely not.  Is he the least self aware player in college football?  Probably

But the fact they suspended him for a half for something like this, not when he was accused of rape, or stealing crab legs, but for being a college kid cursing on campus is just flat out ridiculous.  And the half of a game suspension is such a copout by FSU.  Its like, well we have to do something, ahh just bench him for a half, were talented enough to have him come back in the 2nd half and win the game so as not to hurt our chances at repeating as champs.

What a joke.


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