Adrian Peterson Does Not Live On This Planet

ESPN -Prosecutors in Montgomery County, Texas, have filed paperwork to have Adrian Peterson‘s bail revoked and the running back re-arrested after the Minnesota Vikings running back told a court employee that he had recently smoked marijuana before taking a drug test Wednesday.

According to the filing signed by Montgomery County District Attorney Bill Delmore, Peterson admitted to a court employee that he had “smoked a little weed” before the test. Not taking any illegal drugs are common terms to adhere to when out on bond.

This cat just lives in his own little world.  Only way to possibly explain this.  On trial for child abuse, out on bond, how in the world can you think taking any kind of illegal drugs is a good idea during this time?  Especially when you KNOW they are going to be drug testing you.

My favorite part is towards the end:  “Peterson has been on the NFL’s exempt/commissioner’s permission list since Sept. 17, and he is receiving his full $11.75 million salary”

WHAT?  He might want to start saving that, starting to look like it may be one of his last paychecks he gets in the NFL.


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