Florida Gubernatorial Debate Gets To The Hard Hitting Issues…

Just Kidding.  Its a grown man acting like a five year old and wont come out and play because the other kid has a fan under his podium when hes not supposed to.

Listen, when you live in Florida, as I do there are just some givens that you have to accept.  One of those is that its sunny year round, and aside from those two brutally hot months in the summer is almost perfect, and youre never that far from a beach.

On the flip side of that, it seems to attract the craziest of crazy people, and why should the politicians be any different.

This is a debate to help determine who is going to run the entire damn state, and its delayed because one guy has a fan under his podium.  What?

Ive seen people arguing on both sides about this.  Well its in the rules!  Well its only a fan!  Got to be kidding me.  When this election comes around Ill be voting for C. None Of The Above


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