Miami Marlins Are About To Make Giancarlo Stanton The Highest Paid Athlete In Sports

CBS Sports

Giancarlo Stanton and the Marlins are closing in on a landmark deal, believed to be for $325 million over 13 years, sources connected to the team told CBSSports.com.

Stanton’s record deal will have a no-trade clause and is expected to include an opt-out clause as well, allowing him to exercise a right to leave after a number of years.

Only language remains to be finalized, sources said.

Not just in baseball, but in all of sports.  $325 Million!!!  Thats nuts, and I think its also stupid to spend that kind of dough on one guy.  And this coming from a team that rarely spends money for anything.

Yes I get it, hes young (25), and a stud (finished 2nd in NL MVP), but this isnt a power game anymore.  So maybe he gives you 40 homeruns for what, the next 6-8 years, but how many wins does that really equate to?

And what happens at the end of this deal when he is in his late 30s and hes hitting .230 with 10 home runs, but you are still paying him $25 million a year.  Just doesnt make sense, financially or otherwise to ink these types of deals.

Ever since the MLB has been cracking down on the PEDs look at who the World Series champs have been.  Dont even have to look any further than the two teams in this years series.  Royals were dead last in the majors in home runs and the Giants werent far behind.  But you know what both teams do have?  Solid starting rotations and good bullpens.

Dont get me wrong, this is not on Giancarlo, make your money while you can young fella.  And there isnt a 25 year old in the world that is turning down $300+ million.  This is on the GMs and the clubs that back them that allow for this kind of market and continue to think they need to pay this much.  One guy isnt going to win you a championship, no matter how much you pay him.  Just ask the Angels and Albert Pujols.


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