Gunman At Florida State Campus, Shoots Three Students, Killed By Police

USA Today

Panic swept through the Florida State University library early Thursday when a rampaging gunman shot three people before being killed in a hail of police bullets, police said.

More than 300 students scrambled for exits or ducked for cover when the shooting began at Strozier Library. Officers responding to 911 calls confronted the gunman and ordered him to drop his weapon, Tallahassee Police spokesman Dave Northway said.

Northway said the gunman fired at them, and the officers responded with a volley of shots. Campus police turned the investigation over to the Tallahassee department.

Always crazy when stuff like this happens, being at school should be one of the safest places there is.  I try to be light and comical on this blog for the most part, but sometimes life slaps you in the face with reality.  I will just never understand why people do this, or what takes them to this point, but thats another discussion for a different time.

Seems like the three students that were injured will be ok.  Thoughts with them and their families.

PS – to people like this:


Get a life.  Someone lost their life today, and more people were injured.  I guess this chick is some kind of on campus reporter, and is saying her account was hacked.  Even if thats the case, someone out there thought this was funny.  News Flash: Its not


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