Its Official! Bruce Jenner To Become A Woman In 2015!



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Bruce is planning to admit to the world this January that he has begun the transition into becoming a woman, according to a bombshell report. The reality star is even said to have hired a top PR company to help him devise a strategy on how to deal with the backlash after he makes his announcement.

Bruce Jenner has big plans for 2015. The reality star and estranged ex of Kris Jenner, has reportedly been taking hormones to become a woman. Now a new report claims that once he tells the world that this is how he plans to life his life, he will actually pitch a reality show based around his transition.

Well this cant really be a shock to anyone.  worst kept secret in Hollywood.  Dude has long started the process, painting his nails, shaving down hid adams apple.  But now it looks like its officially official.

And of course hes pitching a reality show around this whole transition.  Guy goes from gold medal winning athlete on the cover of Wheaties boxes to turning into a woman.  Its gold Jerry, TV gold.

Is this who Bruce is?  Like has he been struggling with this his entire life?  Or did Kris Jenner just suck every last ounce of being from his man soul that he had no choice to become a woman?


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