Warren Sapp Arrested For Trying To Pick Up Prostitutes After The Super Bowl

(TMZ) – Warren Sapp was arrested in Phoenix this morning for soliciting a prostitute around 7AM…TMZ Sports has learned.
Sapp was also arrested for assault.  We’re told Sapp was taken into custody at a hotel in Downtown Phoenix. The 42-year-old “Dancing with the Stars” alum was booked just a few minutes ago. Sapp was in Phoenix covering the Super Bowl for the NFL Network. It’s not Warren’s first arrest — he was busted in 2010 for domestic battery, but those charges were eventually dropped. He was also arrested for an alleged domestic battery in Miami in 2014.

Cant a guy just pick up some hookers after raging all night following one of the greatest football games ever played?  7AM though?  Thats a hell of a night.  What did he get into before that if hes just going for the hookers at 7 in the damn morning.

PS.  Eric Weddle was just waiting to get this out.  probably had it saved in hid drafts for the last couple years just waiting for his moment.  BOOM ROASTED!

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 4.18.56 PM


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