Saturday Night Live – 40th Anniversary Special Recap

If you missed the show on Sunday night check it out whenever you can, however you can.  It was the best thing on TV that night, as shown by the ratings, almost triple the NBA All-Star Game, and basically the funniest thing NBC has had on in years.

Below are some of the highlights:

The Opening:

Jimmy Fallon is a talented dude, and when he gets together with Timberlake there is just a certain magic that shows through.  Need those two in a buddy cop movie and I needed it yesterday.

Celebrity Jeopardy:

One of the all time classic skits, had to have it in the show.  Thought they did a good job of cramming as many people as they could into it.  Wish they had made this skit longer and shortened “The Californians” skit by a couple of minutes.

Wayne’s World:

Party Time! Excellent!

So many other good parts, the digital short, Maya Rudolph as Beyonce, the Jerry Seinfeld bit.  Just have to check it out.  Some parts ran a little longer than they probably should have, some didnt get enough time (what was that Eddie Murphy tribute).  But overall a tremendous special through the history of the show and shows you just what an impact that show has had in comedy, careers, and pop culture.

And as good as the show itself was, sounds like the after party was even better:


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