Dick Vitale Will Not Call North Carolina Vs Duke Game For First Time In 35 Years

(Via SB Nation) – When Duke and North Carolina rekindle college basketball’s best rivalry on Wednesday night, the game will have a distinctly different sound. That’s because for the first time in 36 years, Dick Vitale wont be on the call

Vitale had been part of the broadcasting team for every game between Duke and North Carolina since joining ESPN in 1979. In recent years, Vitale has been been part of a three-man booth with Dan Shulman and Jay Bilas, who will call the game without him on Wednesday.


Big UNC fan here, and also a big Dickie V fan, and this game will without a doubt have a different feel to it without him on the sideline.

Shulman and Bilas are great broadcasters and more than capable, but no one brings the unbridled enthusiasm and energy like Dickie V.  Even if hes just screaming for the sake of it and may not know exactly what hes talking about.  He always keeps it SUPER, SCINTILLATING, SENSATIONAL!

Dude is 75 years old, and this may be ESPNs slow start of phasing him out, since his contract is up in a couple of years.  Maybe not, but either way you know deep down this one hurts him a little.


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