Worst Day In Chicago Sports History? Derrick Rose and Patrick Kane Get Hurt Same Night

derrick_rose_knee_injury1  chi-blackhawks-patrick-kane-injured-during-game-vs-panthers-20150224

Has to be the worst night in Chicago Sports history right?

Both teams rolling along, sitting in playoff spots, everything seemingly fine.  Then BAM!

Derrick Rose – torn meniscus in his right knee, out at least until the playoffs, probably longer

and then

Patrick Kane – fractured collarbone, out 12 weeks, essentially the season unless they can make a deep playoff run without him.

Tough not to just feel bad for Rose at this point, injuries are becoming his thing now.  Its becoming obvious he will never fully return to that 2011 MVP form, Im starting wonder if the Bulls start to consider cutting their losses all together and move on sans Rose.

As for Kane, unfortunate injury, there is less doubt that he will be back to his old self at this point, just terrible timing.

Not as if there is ever a “good time” for injuries, but just a brutal night for the Windy City and fans of their teams last night.


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