Miami Dolphins Announce Major Changes To Sun Life Stadium

These changes have long been discussed and are already underway, but the Dolphins released new pictures and a promo video to show the changes.

The new seats were a must, those awful orange seats were way old and crusty and the teal/aqua seats will make it at least a little less obvious that the stadium is only half full during the games.

The big pitch point is obviously the roof, or canopy rather, which for anyone thats been to a 1 oclock game at the stadium in August or September knows how absolutely hot and brutal those games can be.  I swear I almost passed out from heat exhaustion one game a couple years ago, had to be the heat and not the case of beer I had before the game.

And I give props to the ownership who is footing $350 of the $400 million for these renovations out of his own pocket.  Even though there was no other way this was getting done otherwise after the last debacle with getting the new Marlins stadium built, taxpayers are still salty about that one.

Make no mistake though, all these renovations are for a single purpose.  To get Miami to host more Super Bowls.  NFL basically told Miami after their last hosted Super Bowl that they will need to make the current stadium bigger and better, or get a new one before the big game comes back to South Florida.  In the mean time, Dolphins fans will have a nicer stadium to watch their team go 8-8 again and just miss the playoffs.


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