UAB Football Is Coming Back!

And so is the blog.  Took a little hiatus, but I missed you guys, what can I say.  I digress.

(CBSSports) – Buried but never completely dead, the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s football program is alive again.

Sources told CBSSports.com that UAB president Ray Watts will announce at a press conference at 5 p.m. ET that football is coming back, only six months after a highly contentious decision to end the sport. At least one prominent UAB football supporter has been invited to the press conference in Birmingham.

The Associated Press, citing Watts, notes that football (plus bowling and rifle) will return in 2016.

Well, well, well. Look at what we have here.

Most of you remember this story from last year Im sure, was a ton of outcry from all media outlets and we saw videos like this surface when the program was canned:

Fast forward to now and it seems the powers that be have gotten the message.  A ton of support and most importantly money has rolled in over the last few months to try and resurrect the UAB football program and at least for now it seems to have worked.

Proving once again that there is nothing more important in Alabama than football.  Even if it is a small school that most had never heard of.  Who cares that in the 18 years of being a Division I program they have compiled a record of 86-135, been to one single bowl game (which they lost).  And that basically of the players that were there have since gone on to other schools.

No, No, No my friend.  what matters is that football is back baby.

PS – all kidding aside this is great, but if they had all that support from the beginning they wouldnt have been in this mess in the first place.


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