Houston Astros To Remove Tal’s Hill For 2016 Season

(FoxSports) – The Houston Astros are planning to get rid of Tal’s Hill, the quirky little elevated mound in deep center field at Minute Maid Park.

MLB.com’s Brian McTaggert reported on Thursday that the club’s $15 million renovation plan has been approved by the Harris County-Houston Sports Authority, which also include bringing in the fences in center field.

At present, the center field wall sits a mammoth 436 feet from home plate. As McTaggart reported, the changes would bring the fences in to approximately 409 feet, much closer to the league average. 

So they are going from this:


To this:


All I can say is: Its About Damn Time.

Think we can all agree this was one of the dumbest things in sports, not sure how they thought that was ever a good idea.

Surprised it actually took this long.  Thought more guys would have shredded their knees or run into the pole, but maybe thats just because I for sure would have.

Anyway seems like the biggest no brainer move for them.  Should have just done that from the beginning.


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