Florida State Football Players Cant Stop Punching Girls In The Face


(ESPN) – The state attorney’s office in Tallahassee will issue a warrant for the arrest of Florida State running back Dalvin Cook, who is accused of punching a 21-year-old woman in the face several times during an argument outside a bar last month.

State attorney Willie Meggs told ESPN.com on Friday that he had met with the woman, who is not a Florida State student, and a female witness on Friday. Cook’s accuser presented Meggs photos of her injuries.

Meggs said Cook, a 19-year-old sophomore from Miami, will be charged with misdemeanor battery.

What the heck is going on up in Tallahassee these days.  Just a few days after a QB was caught on video hitting a girl and then released from the team, now their leading rusher has a warrant out for his arrest.

Now I will admit I dont know much about girls, but Im guessing this cant be the best pickup line:

“They kept telling me they were football players,” the woman said. “They kept telling me to Google them. They told me they were football players and they could buy me in two years.”

But hey maybe the game has changed.

I do know one thing.  Jimbo better start getting his kids under control before he winds up not being able to field a team because they are all in jail.

Wait, what am I saying?  These are entitled kids at a high profile football school, they will all be dressed week 1.


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