NFL Upholds Tom Brady’s 4 Game Deflategate Suspension


Well, well, well … or should I say Wells, Wells, Wells.

Have to admit this is a little bit of a shock.  Thought for sure they would just reduce it to 1 or 2 games and we would be done with it.  That will not be the case.

Now the case that seems will never end will continue on.  By all accounts seems Tommy Terrific will seek an injunction to hold off the suspension until this can be seen in a federal court, which could be months.

The news about Brady having his phone destroyed around the same time he was meeting with the investigators does seem odd and casts some doubt.

But lets be real here, we are talking about deflated balls, and have been for like 6 months now.  I honestly just dont care any more.  Lets do whatever needs to be done to kill this story and get back to stuff on the field.


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