Video Of Chris Farley As The Original Voice Of Shrek

Did everyone know this?  I was totally unaware that Farley was set to voice the character Shrek originally.  According to his brother Kevin:

“Originally the Shrek character was a little bit more like Chris, like a humble, bumbling innocent guy…”

Chris recorded between 80 percent–90 percent of the film’s dialogue — however, following his death, filmmakers brought in his SNL cast mate Mike Myers as the new lead actor, and the rest was history.”

Seems like it would have been a much different character, even the look.  Here is one of the original drawings:


Always crazy to think about stuff like this.

To be honest though, I think Mike Myers killed it and was ultimately the better fit anyway.

I mean I love Farley, guy was great.  But a huge part of his act was the physicality, and playing a cartoon character would have taken at least a little bit away from that.

Guess we will never know.

RIP Farley.

(Source: Consequence of Sound)


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