Easy Money Picks – NFL Week 1

Im back, bitches!  And so is football season.  Took a little time off to enjoy the summer, but came back just in time to give you the Easy Money picks for week 1.  So here we go.

Week 1 Picks:                    STRAIGHT UP              AGAINST SPREAD

PIT @ NE (-7)                      NE                              NE

IND @ BUF (+2.5)               IND                              IND

GB @ CHI (+7)                    GB                              GB

KC @ HOU (-1)                   HOU                              HOU

CAR @ JAC (+3)                 CAR                              CAR

CLE @ NYJ (-3)                   NYJ                              NYJ

SEA @ STL (+4)                   SEA                              STL

MIA @ WAS (-3.5)                MIA                              MIA

NO @ ARI (-2.5)                   ARI                              ARI

DET @ SD (-3)                      DET                              DET

BAL @ DEN (-4.5)                 DEN                              DEN

CIN @OAK (+3.5)                  CIN                              CIN

TEN @ TB (-3)                       TB                              TB

NYG @ DAL (-6)                    DAL                              NYG

PHI @ ATL (+3)                      PHI                              PHI

MIN @ SF (+2.5)                    MIN                              MIN

LAST WEEK:                            0 – 0                                            0 – 0

YEAR TO DATE                       0 – 0                                            0 – 0

Ya ya, I know I picked a lot of favorites to win and cover.  Week 1 is not the time to get crazy.  teams have to shake off the rust and get back into the real live action swing of things, and more times than not you have to go with the team that has more talent this early in the season.  Will be a boom or bust week I imagine.  Good luck to all, and lets go get that Easy Money!


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