Matthew McConaughey’s Brother, Rooster, Gets Year Supply Of Beer For Naming Son Miller Lyte

(TMZ) – Matthew McConaughey’s older brother Rooster just scored a year’s supply of Miller Lite for naming his son after the brew … but it may not last very long.

Rooster is what you’d call a Miller Lite superfan. He’s always got a can in his hand, even on his new reality series “West Texas Investors Club.” So, it’s not outlandish he named his son Miller Lyte.

The folks at Miller Lite caught wind of Rooster’s brand loyalty and they’re sending him 24 cases … what they consider a year supply. Here’s the thing … each case of Miller Lite has 24 cans and if you do the math, that’s 576 beers … or 1.5 beers a day.

Here he is on a radio show talking about why he named his son Miller Lyte, starting at 6:10

How is it I have never heard more about this guy?  He seems like a real beauty.  I guess he already has a reality show, whatever the hell West Texas Investors Club is, never heard of it, what channel is that on?

We need to get Rooster and the family on in prime time.

I dont want to hear more stories from Rooster, I NEED to hear more.

Ryan Seacrest, make it happen


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