Props To LSU For Donating Ticket Sales From Saturday’s Game To South Carolina Flood Relief


(CFT) – Saturday’s South Carolina-LSU game will take place in Louisiana, not South Carolina. In spite of that, LSU will do everything in its power to make its short-notice guests feel welcome.

LSU will sell tickets to its fan base – starting with season-ticket holders and working down the totem pole from there – but donate all profits back to South Carolina.

“We’re not going to make much money on this game,” LSU AD Alleva said. “We’ll also make some type of contribution to the South Carolina Flood Refund at the end of the day.

“All ticket sales after expenses will go to South Carolina. They are basically the home team for this game. This is a lagniappe game for our fans. I hope our fans come out and support both teams.

Finally (and most importantly) the American Red Cross will be on hand to collect bottles of water, which it will then ship back to the Palmetto State.

On that front, South Carolina could not have hoped for a better place to play an impromptu road game.

Pretty classy move here by the powers that be at LSU.  Everyone knows about the damage that has been happening in South Carolina and why they moved the game to Baton Rouge.  It doesnt matter that it didn’t make a difference where they played this game since South Carolina’s season is pretty much shot, but a nice gesture none the less.

Thought this was a cool move as well:


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