Miami Hurricanes Get Their Man – Mark Richt To Be Named Head Coach


(ESPN) – Former Georgia coach Mark Richt on Wednesday agreed to become Miami’s new coach, and the deal is expected to be announced by the end of the week, according to sources with knowledge of the situation.

Miami announced Thursday there will be a news conference held Friday at 10 a.m. to introduce its new head coach, but did not mention a name.

Richt, a former Miami quarterback, agreed to return to his alma mater only three days after he was fired at Georgia, where he guided the Bulldogs to a 145-51 record and two SEC championships in 15 seasons. Georgia athletic director Greg McGarity fired Richt on Sunday after Georgia went 9-3 this season.


Big day for the Miami Huricanes program and their fans.  As soon as Mark Richt was let go from Georgia he shot up the ranks of who the Canes wanted to bring in.  And it makes perfect sense, he is a Miami guy, already knows the recruiting game in the 305, and despite just getting fired is a solid coach.

Lets be honest, its been more than a decade since The U was truly relevant in the college football landscape.  Always seemingly just a year or two or a player or two away that just never came to fruition.

Richt gives them a big name, which they didnt have in the last couple of coaches (Golden, Shannon), and a solid recruiter.  Time will tell if he can turn all that South Florida talent into anything, which is partly what got him fired at Georgia.

One thing to note, Richt had a solid recruiting class coming to Georgia next season, including a top rated QB.  Will be interesting to see if/how many of those guys change their commitments to the U.


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