Vibin Fridays – Stone Temple Pilots – Interstate Love Song


If you have heard the news, then this Vibin Fridays comes as no surprise.  Scott Weiland, lead singer for Stone Temple Pilots was found dead in a tour bus last night.

Not a total shock of course.  His battles with his demons are well documented and last night he finally lost.

Quick STP story:

I saw them in concert sometime in 2000 I believe it was.  They were on tour with Staind, and a new (at the time) Linkin Park that had just dropped their first (and best, imo) album.

It was honestly one of the better shows I can ever recall.  Full of energy, great songs that everyone knows by now.  It was evident Weiland was on something as he was all over the place and ended up nude wrapped in an American Flag by the end of the set.  Or maybe thats just how he was anyway.  Either way, he was coherent enough to put on a heck of a show.

RIP Scott Weiland


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