Pete Rose Denied Reinstatement To MLB


(CBS Sports) – The all-time hit king will remain banned from baseball. Commissioner Rob Manfred has rejected Pete Rose’s latest application for reinstatement, he announced Monday morning.The decision was detailed in a three-page legal document.

Manfred and Rose met at MLB’s offices in September, at which point Rose made his case for reinstatement. This is hardly the first time Rose has applied for reinstatement. His first attempt was made back in 1992, when Fay Vincent was still commissioner.

Rose, now 74, has been banned from baseball since 1989, when a bombshell Sports Illustrated report detailed allegations he had bet on baseball. Rose insisted he only bet on games as a manager, but evidence has since surfaced indicating he may have done so as a player as well.

Following the league’s initial investigation, Rose accepted a permanent ban in exchange for MLB making no formal finding regarding the gambling allegations. He was officially placed on the ineligible list on August 24, 1989, and has remained there since.

So the news came down yesterday that Commissioner Manfred denied Charlie Hustle’s reinstatement.  And at this point noone can really be shocked.  Lets face it its always been a long shot that he gets reinstated anyway, and this may have honestly been the last shot.

On the other hand, isnt Pete Rose better off without being reinstated, and being allowed in the Hall of Fame?

I mean he absolutely deserves to be in, based purely on what he did as a player.  I mean come on, the all time hits king deserves a spot.

However, not being able to get in has to have been better business for him over the years than being in the hall right?

This way he can setup shop down the street from the hall every year and sell his stuff.  Every year his name gets brought up and discussions are had about should he be in or not.  How many guys in the Hall of Fame get that kind of pub?

Who went into the hall of fame 3 years ago?  5 years ago?  20 years ago?  I couldnt tell you off the top of my head.  But you know who I say should go in every single year?  Charlie Hustle



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