St Louis Rams Moving To LA In 2016, Chargers Could Join Them


(ESPN) – The Rams are moving back to Los Angeles — and might be doing so with company.

The San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders might end up staying where they are, but leadership of the teams didn’t come close to making that commitment Tuesday night. One of them could be headed to L.A. too.

A long day of votes and re-votes ended with 30 of 32 NFL owners approving Rams owner Stan Kroenke’s ambitious plan to move his team from St. Louis to the site of the old Hollywood Park racetrack in Inglewood, California, about 10 miles from downtown L.A. The Chargers have a yearlong option to join the Rams, followed by the Raiders if the San Diego franchise declines.

The Raiders and Chargers submitted a competing proposal to share a new stadium in Carson, California, but that option also did not garner the 24 votes needed for approval. After another negotiating session in the afternoon, Kroenke’s $1.8 billion project prevailed.

The decision ends the NFL’s 21-year absence from the nation’s second-largest media market.


This was the big news of the week, the Rams are going back to LA.  Not shocking, but a little surprising since it seemed that the Chargers were the most likely to get moved.  Although by most accounts it seems that the Chargers hooking their wagons to the Oakland Raiders for a package deal may have hurt them.  They still have the option and may end up in LA when all is said and done.

Here is my bigger point.  St Louis fans are upset that the team is moving and calling the owner a crook and every other name in the book, but my question is should they really be that upset?

I get it, there are only 32 teams in the NFL, so to have one in your town in a precious thing.  But the Rams were terrible.  I mean really terrible.  In their 21 seasons in St Louis, the Rams missed the playoffs 16 times, including the last 11 years in a row.  And they have just missed the playoffs, no, they havent even finished above .500 in that same stretch.  And that includes the last few years when they were getting all those draft picks from the Redskins from the RG3 deal.

Now they did have the “Greatest Show On Turf” era, which did bring them the few playoff appearances they made, and of course Super Bowl XXXIV.  But take away that handful of years and the rest of the time in St Louis is pretty abysmal.

Who knows if St Louis will get another team in the future.  But cheer up fans, youre not really losing all that much, except for all the losing.



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