Cleveland Cavaliers Fire David Blatt


(CBS Sports) – The Cleveland Cavaliers fired coach David Blatt Friday, according to Yahoo Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski. CBS Sports NBA Insider Ken Berger confirmed the news. The move comes just four days after the Cavaliers were blown out by the Golden State Warriors in an embarrassing performance Monday night, and amid questions that the Cavaliers were simply noft equipped to compete for a title with a star-laden roster.

Blatt had been hired prior to LeBron James’ decision to re-join the team in free agency last summer, and was praised as an “offensive genius” coming in, yet the team consistently lacked a strong offensive scheme and primarily relied upon isolation play from LeBron James and Kyrie Irving. There had been concerns since the tough start of last year that Blatt lacked the support of the locker room.

Per Berger, Tyronn Lue will take over as coach on a multi-year deal.


Is this a surprise to anyone at this point?  Blatt was hired before Lebron went back home, and despite what everyone said or the media lead you to believe those two just never seemed to be on the same page.

And after that absolute beat down at home earlier in the week by the buzzsaw that is Golden State, something was bound to change and it sure wasnt going to be Bron Bron.

Blatt should be thankful really, they had a 30-11 record this year, best in the east, and coming off a Finals appearance, solid resume for a year plus work.  And now there is no chance he can be the fall guy when the Cavs lose in the finals again to either the Spurs or Warriors.

PS –


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  wink wink.  Riiiiiiight.


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