Maid Of Honor Raps Her Toast At Sisters Wedding To Ice Ice Baby


Bloody Hell!

Ill be honest, with the accent I could only understand about half of what she was saying.  That said gotta give props where they are due.

Its one thing to have a few drinks and sing this song in a karaoke bar one night.  Its a completely different ball game to come up with your own words to the song using the beat.  And not just a line or two, or a verse, no this chick went through the entire song and came up with her own rap.

DJ Drop That Beat!

PS – even though she looked happy and surprised, you know deep down her sister is at least a little pissed she did this.  A girls wedding day is supposed to be all about here, this is the kind of video that goes viral and all of a sudden it becomes about the rapping maid of honor.  Bride cant love that.

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 2.53.54 PM


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