Guy On Wheel Of Fortune Sucks At Geography

This guy is going to get a lot of heat for this, and deservedly so.  His first thought when Pat said guess which country we are sending you to and he goes with Paris.

But you know there was some people at home that didnt realize right away that Paris is a city not even a county.

More than that, his wife just left him hanging.  She is sitting over there acting all embarrassed but I really dont think she knew it either because she doesnt say Italy until Pat starts saying it.

Also what you dont see in this clip is that when they come back from commercial break Pat lets the audience know that he told them they could just edit that part out, and she said no keep it in.

Should have known something was off with these two from the start when they were introducing themselves when they said they met on facebook, went out on a date, got engaged seven days later, then got married three months after that, and had a kid three months after that.

Hey wait a minute???  Forget geography David, you might want to double check that kid because that math doesnt add up.

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 6.03.30 PM


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