Ronda Rousey Contemplated Suicide After Loss To Holm

I was literally sitting there and thinking about killing myself, and that exact second I’m like, “I’m nothing. What do I do anymore? And no one gives a shit about me anymore without this.”

That statement is just something that most of us will never come close to experiencing.  Putting so much into one thing that it shakes you to the core as a human being when it doesnt go how you think it should have.

Fighters are just a different breed.  MMA, Boxing, whatever, its as much about the persona as it is the actual fighting.  And when you are as big a name as Ronda is/was and then you take an absolute beat down in front of millions of people.  Ya I could see how that could mess with your psyche.

And she is hell bent on wanting to fight Holm again?

If she takes another beating like last time she just has to retire forever right?  No coming back from that.

She better learn how to actually fight beforehand or it will end up being more of this.

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 9.41.47 PM



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