Rob Gronkowski Is Getting His Own Nickelodeon Show Called Crashletes


(Deadline) – Launching the 2016 Upfronts sellathon, Nickelodeon today added two new sports-themed series from Rob Dyrdek and Shane Nickerson of Superjacket Productions (Fantasy Factory, Ridiculousness): Crashletes, a new viral sports clip show hosted by the New England Patriots’ telegenic tight end Rob Gronkowski, and Jagger Eaton’s Mega Life (working title), a docuseries that follows 15-year-old skateboarding phenom Eaton around the world. Nick has ordered 20 episodes of each and plans to present them later this year.

This seems like the perfect fit.  Honestly I am surprised it took this long for Gronk to get his own kids show now that I think about it.

Who better to host a kids show than a kid trapped in a man’s body.



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