Cleveland Browns Sign RG3

The mumblings had been going around the last couple of days, and now it seems like its a real deal.  This seemed like the obvious fit, mostly because it seemed like the Browns were the only one showing interest.  And of course they would, because Browns gonna Brown I guess.

RG3 can now join a long illustrious list of previous Browns starters.

Honestly I wish the guy well.  The Redskins gave up the farm for him and he had immense pressure out of the gate because of that.  And for that first year at least, it seemed like it was all worth it.  Since then its been nothing but injuries and demotions to the point where he didnt even dress most games last year and didnt take a single snap.

The worst part is you just know the Browns are going to botch this.  I am sure they absolutely told RG3 he will be the starter, which he may be for a year.

However there is also no chance the Browns dont draft a QB with the number 2 pick this year.  So once again RG3 will be looking over his shoulder.  And who even knows where this guy really is mentally or physically after the last couple of years in Washington.

Guess we will find out soon enough.



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