Vibin Fridays -Rupert Holmes – Escape (The Pina Colada Song)


This is a perfect heading into the weekend song.  Even though it might be one of the most messed up songs ever recorded.

If you really listen to the lyrics this is whats going down:

  • Dude is tired of being married to his wife, and checks out the personal ads to try and find a hookup
  • Finds one that he likes and responds to the ad saying they should meet at a bar
  • Waits at the bar, the person walks in, and it turns out to be his wife
  • They just laugh about it

Just totally disregard the fact that you’re both willing and probably already have cheated on each other.

And maybe just try talking to your wife every now and then.  You had no idea she likes pina coladas?  Seems like its kind of your fault shes running out on you.

Anyway none of that matters thanks to a catchy beat and a killer chorus.

Enjoy the weekend.



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