Rio Recap – Olympics & Everything Else

Took a couple months off for the summer, but now Im back.

Lets jump right into it with a recap of the Olympics in Rio.

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 5.47.01 PM

To be honest I could probably start and end this blog with that one image right?

I mean did the US dominate or did the US dominate.  USA!  USA!  USA!

But there were a few individual stories that you may have heard about.


Ho Hum, another Olympics for Michael Phelps, and he just added on to his ridiculous gold medal total.  More than double the gold medals of anyone else…in history.  Thats crazy.

Although I will admit, until this years Olympics I dont think i ever realized just how many damn different swimming events there were.  Swimming different distances, swimming the same distance but in different ways.  Definitely much easier to rack up medals in swimming than in some other sports.  That said, still a hell of an accomplishment.

Phelps says he is done, officially this time, with the Olympics.  Time will tell if that holds up.


Simone Biles, easily the media darling for this years Olympics.  Admittedly I did not know much about her prior to the Olympics.  They were touting her as the greatest gymnast ever, which I thought was crazy considering she had never even competed in the Olympics before this year.

Turns out she is pretty good after all.  Winning gold in 4 of the 5 events she competed in and a couple of them winning by historic margins.  Will be interesting to see if she can keep that up in 2020.


This picture pretty much summed it up.  It was Usain Bolt, and then everyone else in the sprints.  Bolt, again, took home gold in the 100m, 200m and 4×100 relay, and it honestly wasnt even close.

Fastest man in the world for over a decade now.  Has won gold in those same 3 events in the last 3 Olympics.  Pure Bananas.

Like Phelps, he says he is done with Olympic competition, but when you are still dominating the way he is, you wonder if that is set in stone.  Granted he will be like 33 by the time Tokyo rolls around, but even if he loses a step between now and then, from what I saw he would still take gold.

There were a ton of other story lines, as always, from the Olympics, but those were three of the biggest positive ones for me.

Now on to what has become maybe the biggest story of the Olympics, and doesnt even involve competition.


Ryan Lochte……Jeah!

Im not even sure what i can say about this whole thing that hasnt already been said.

Funny thing is this guy has been a heck of an athlete and Olympian.  One of the most decorated Olympians of all time, and if not for a guy named Phelps would be, probably, labeled as the greatest swimmer of all time.

Of course none of that matters now, and this story could end up being his lasting legacy.

By all accounts, he was wasted out on the town one night, stopped at a gas station, peed where he shouldnt have, tore some stuff off the wall, and was just kind of being a dick.  Not great, but not the end of the world.

The problem comes when he came up with a lie to try and cover the whole situation up by saying he was robbed at gunpoint.  Which changes the dynamic of any story.  However, I think anyone with a brain knew something was up when he said that the perpetrator put a gun to his forehead and said get down, and he was just like, jeah..whatever.   Sorry, Ryan thats not how that works.

By  now, you all know everything else, other swimmers were involved, they had to pay money to get out of the country, Ryan has lost all of his sponsors now.  So this whole thing turned into an international incident that cost Ryan Lochte millions of dollars and general embarrassment.  All of which could have been avoided if he had just owned up to acting dumb while he was drunk.

I mean he even lied to his Mom about the whole thing.  I dont know about you, but that would have been it for me.  I can just hear my Mom saying, its not even so much what you did….its the fact that you lied to me about it.

Aside from that sour note it was an overall good showing for the Olympics and Brazil.  Much better than you would have thought going in hearing all the horror stories.

Were on to Tokyo in 2020




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