Vibin Fridays – Nelly ft Paul Wall – Grillz


(TMZ) – File Under: “Perks of Being a Winner” … ’cause EVERY. SINGLE. AMERICAN ATHLETE who won a medal in Rio is being offered a FREE gold grill … courtesy of rapper Paul Wall.

Wall and his partner, Johnny Dang, have been running a high-end grillz biz for years — and want to reward our best athletes by blingin’ out their mouths with a special Olympic-themed gold piece. 


It came out this week that Paul Wall was offering up Olympic gold grillz to all the medal winners from the US team.  So obviously this song immediately popped into my head, seemed like a perfect for Vibin Fridays.

Didnt even realize grillz were still a thing.  Do people still wear them?

Hat tip to Paul Wall for coming up in the news though.  Hadnt thought about that guy in years.  Now go enjoy the weekend while I go down the rabbit hole of bangers that he put out back in the day.



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