Penn State To Commemorate Joe Paterno Before The Game Vs Temple Tomorrow



(Fox) – Penn State University’s plan to honor on Saturday its late football coach Joe Paterno, five years after the school fired him during a child sex abuse case involving an assistant coach, is drawing criticism from victims’ advocates.

The pre-game salute will come during the Nittany Lions game against Temple and will mark the 50th anniversary of Paterno’s first game as head coach, Penn State’s Collegian newspaper reported, citing the athletic department. Paterno died in January 2012.

The decision to honor Paterno, who, according to an investigation conducted by former FBI Director Louis Freeh, attempted to cover up a 2001 child abuse allegation along with others on his coaching staff, is being criticized by victims’ advocates.  

“I believe it is incredibly insensitive and unfortunately evident that they still have learned nothing about changing the culture on their campus,” Jennifer Storm, who serves as a victim advocate for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, said in a statement to NBC News.


Im not sure its possible to be more out of touch or tone def than the higher ups at Penn St.  I consider myself a pretty rational guy and usually always try to see/hear both sides of story to get the sense of where they are each coming from.  This seems like one of those cases where its pretty clear cut that one side is in the wrong.

I get it, he is your legendary coach who won you a ton of games and put Penn St on the map and you want to honor him, but when the type of things that have come out about the program, and about Joe Pa specifically, come out, then you just have to squash those thoughts of public commemoration….like forever.

If you knew Joe Pa personally and want to think of the better times, thats your thing and just keep that internal.

The cherry on top of this whole thing is that they are doing it against Temple.  You know the alma mater of none other than Bill Cosby.  Anything going on with that guy lately?

Be more oblivious Penn St….you cant!



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