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Bagwell, Raines,Pudge Elected To Baseball Hall Of Fame



Props to Jeff Bagwell, Tim Raines, and Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez on making it to the Hall Of Fame.  All well deserved in my opinion.  Dont think it shouldve taken this long for Bagwell, and certainly not for Raines, but thats neither here nor there at this point.

Judging by the percentages looks like Hoffman and Vlad will probably get in next year.  Chipper Jones will be the biggest first timer name on the ballot next year and should join them.

Also of note if the percentages of Bonds and Clemens, both increased again this year and got over 50%.  Probably still a couple years away, but with the writers seemingly easing up on the PED eras guys I think they both eventually, and deservedly, make it in.



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