ESPN Making Huge Cuts, Lays Off 100 People


The news of massive cuts at ESPN started rolling in this morning.

And then kept on rolling in throughout the day.

And there were many others.  Look it sucks to lose your job, especially when you didnt see it coming, which Im guessing at least a few of these people didnt.  So best of luck to all those that got the boot today.

A bold move by a company that seems unsure of where its going.  ESPN is still the Worldwide Leader In Sports, but is definitely not the untouchable juggernaut it used to be not all that long ago.

Spending billions on live sports rights over the next few years, and with flops like the Longhorn Network, and continually dropping subscriber numbers, it will be interesting to see how/if ESPN can adapt and what they will look like in 5 years.



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