The Houston Astros Are The 2017 World Series Champions



At the end of what is one of the crazier series in recent memory the Houston Astros come out on top to become the 2017 World Series champions.  This series seemed like it had a little something for everyone.  Great pitching, great defensive plays, a ton of runs, record setting number of homeruns, a game that lasted only 2.5 hours and one that went over 5 hours.

As an Astros fan its a little surreal.  This is only their second appearance in the World Series, and the first one may as well not have counted.  Biggio and Bagwell were at the very end of their long careers, things fell right for them to get there and then they got manhandled and swept by the Chicago White Sox in 2005.

But this team was different.  Young talent up and down the roster that they have been building up in recent years.  And make no mistake the Astros were reallllyyyy bad not all that long ago.  Three straight 100+ loss seasons, as a franchise the Astros have more 100+ loss seasons than they do 100+ win seasons, think about that, but this was one of those teams.

On top of that you throw on all the stuff the city of Houston has had to go through with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.  I dont buy too much in the destiny stuff, but man if there was ever a year for everything to come together for Houston, this was it.

Hopefully they can keep the core together for a while and make a couple runs at this because this year has been a heck of a ride.

SI apparently knew what was up all along based on this 2014 cover:


Congrats Houston Astros!


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